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Tavier Maldonado
Tavier Maldonado
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About Me

A passionate creative born and raised in Massachusetts; residing in Charlottesville, VA with a B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance and a B.S. in Business Administration at Gallaudet University.

As a well-versed self-taught Graphic designer with a versatile range of knowledge in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. I have often worked on various day-to-day projects in the past whose primary goal is to communicate a strong visual message to the audience. Ranging from specializing in social media graphics; to brochures, advertisements, and miscellaneous work in print, animation, photography, and other related projects.

From a strategic standpoint, I aim to solve problems that impact our everyday life from a business and visual communication perspective; no matter how small the problem may be to one person, it can mean a huge difference to another.

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Branding Identity, Social Branding, Print, Layout Design, and more.

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